Case Study

Self-Hosted Scalable Github Actions Cluster with Amazon EKS for SigTech.

Executive Summary.

SigTech, a leading provider of quant technologies, operates an award-winning platform that manages financial data, enabling research, building, and deployment of custom strategies. As they scaled rapidly in the fast-paced quant technology environment, they needed a self-hosted scalable pipeline system for faster deliveries and complete visibility of the process.

Why Outcloud?

Out.Cloud, with its mastery in automation and scaling, was an ideal partner for SigTech. Out.Cloud’s vast experience in various CI/CD tools enabled them to select the best tool for the project, aligning cost and value delivery. Out.Cloud devised a scalable EKS cluster capable of covering multiple scenarios and enhancing the Developer experience.


The implementation was a resounding success, as evident from the results achieved in the first month of operation. SigTech noted an increase in release speed with less friction in the deployment process. Developers could now focus more on developing robust solutions, having complete visibility of metrics. This improved developer experience, and ensured that the infrastructure was secure and reliable, with an isolated environment for CI/CD, confirming Out.Cloud’s strategic approach and expertise.

The Project:

Out.Cloud aimed to create a self-hosted Amazon EKS cluster that runs Github Actions Runners with custom capabilities and complete control of resources. This cluster was designed to improve CI/CD security, resource control and visibility, maintainability, and overall developer experience.


As a growing startup, SigTech needed a comprehensive CI/CD system to match the company’s fast-paced environment, keep costs in check, and provide the best experience to developers. Designing and deploying this CI/CD system posed a significant challenge.


Out.Cloud built a custom self-hosted Amazon EKS cluster with isolated infrastructure to run Github Actions Runners. The solution was designed to give SigTech full control of its resources, thereby addressing its needs for scalability and


The implementation brought numerous benefits:

Improved CI/CD Security: The dedicated EKS cluster for CI/CD provided an isolated environment with appropriate access configuration, thereby enhancing the security of applications and resources.

Resource Control and Visibility: Custom runner types were deployed to cover all quant pipeline scenarios. All CI/CD interactions exported metrics for visibility.

Improved Maintainability and Developer Experience: The self-hosted cluster facilitated a self-service methodology for creating new pipelines and easy updates and future improvements due to infrastructure being managed via code.


The Reinvention of IT Infrastructure and Platforms: Embracing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)