Case Study

AWS Organization Solution for EYE.

Executive Summary.

EYE is a firm specializing in cybersecurity. As their operations expanded across multiple accounts and tenants, managing and tracking permissions across these accounts became a daunting challenge. To address this, EYE sought a robust solution to enhance their permissions management framework.

Why Outcloud?

As an established IT service provider, Out.Cloud was selected for this task due to OUR superior support, insights, and resources in public, private, or hybrid cloud services. With our remarkable track record of reducing costs by 97% per release and accelerating delivery times by 82%, we’re an ideal choice for EYE.


The project was a resounding success, meeting all expectations. With the implemented solution, EYE is now able to manage and control account and group permissions more easily, leading to improved security. EYE has expressed satisfaction with Out.Cloud’s services, highlighting their proficiency in cloud solutions and their commitment to enhancing client operations.

The Project:

Out.Cloud set out to improve the management of user and group permissions across EYE’s accounts and tenants. This involved creating Permission Sets, Service Control Policies (SCPs), Accounts, and Organizational Units (OUs) to ensure efficient and secure administration.


As a cybersecurity company, EYE required an enhanced solution to create Permission Sets, SCPs, Accounts, and OUs. The goal was to improve the management of users and groups in each account and enhance the overall security.


Out.Cloud proposed a solution that involved creating new SCPs and OUs for better management of accounts. Subsequently, these accounts were added to specific OUs, along with Permission Sets that were attached to the groups and users. This structured approach facilitated better control over each account and enhanced permissions management.


The implementation of this solution led to several key benefits for EYE:

Best Practices: A clearer understanding of best practices for managing each account and group was achieved

Improved Security: The security of each account was significantly enhanced by utilizing Permission Sets and SCPs.

Faster Management: Creating new accounts and attaching them to newly created OUs allowed for more efficient permissions management.


The Reinvention of IT Infrastructure and Platforms: Embracing Infrastructure as Code (IaC)