Case Study

Scalable Database Solution with Amazon RDS for Dreamshaper.

Executive Summary.

Dreamshaper, an education tech startup, experienced exponential growth in recent years. However, this growth came with an unwelcome side effect. The company’s database, which was running on a single instance, began facing performance issues. To cater to its growing clientele, Dreamshaper needed a scalable and efficient database solution.

Why Outcloud?

Out.Cloud, with its proven success record of migrating databases to the cloud, emerged as the go-to solution provider. Out.Cloud’s certified engineers, and its wide range of services from database migration, administration to security, made it an ideal partner for Dreamshaper’s digital transformation journey.


Dreamshaper expressed immense satisfaction with the migration outcomes. They reported significant improvements in the performance, reliability, and security of their database. They highly recommended Out.Cloud for any company looking to migrate their database to the cloud, endorsing their proficiency and professionalism.

The Project:

Out.Cloud proposed to migrate Dreamshaper’s existing database to Amazon RDS, a highly scalable cloud database service. Using Amazon Data Migration Service, Out.Cloud ensured a seamless migration experience with minimal downtime and on-going replication.


Dreamshaper’s primary challenge was enhancing the security of their database amidst growing cybersecurity threats. In addition, they needed to improve user experience by ensuring faster and smoother access to the database. Simultaneously, Dreamshaper needed a database solution that could scale up in response to the company’s rapid growth.


Out.Cloud recommended AWS RDS as the ideal solution to Dreamshaper’s challenges. Being a managed service, AWS RDS offloads the need to manage database tasks related to server provisioning and administration. In addition, it supports Amazon RDS Multi-AZ deployments, which can enhance the high availability of the service.


The migration to AWS RDS brought several benefits for Dreamshaper:

Increased Scalability: The database could now be scaled up or down as per demand, thereby improving performance and reducing costs.

Increased Reliability: Hosting the database in a managed service like AWS RDS resulted in a more reliable environment than a single instance.

Cost Optimization: Dreamshaper realized significant cost savings on database management as the operational expenditure with AWS RDS was much lower.


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