Container Orchestration: What You Need To Know

This what you need to know about Container orchestration! Shipping containers are used around the world as the ideal method for transporting goods. They can easily be moved from one place to another, can contain valuables of any kind, and be moved safely with no fuss, traveling’s great distances. It’s just a matter of booking …

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Cloud: Why migrate?

The cloud as a solution is a relatively recent service on the market but it quickly became the desired approach for businesses to store data.

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Key benefits of Microservice Architecture

Getting to know Microservice Architecture Architecture types come into play when the need to choose the right kind of build arises for internet-based solutions. We explain why microservice architecture is worth it and the many ways this can benefit businesses. Over the years, many experiments have been developed towards efficient approaches taking into consideration business …

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Infrastructure as Code. What is it

Infrastructure as code, or IaC for short, is nothing more than the application of best practices from software development applied to infrastructure. It consists of repeatable and consistent routines for provisioning systems and their configuration. Changes to such systems are made using code definitions and then applied to the infrastructure by unattended processes. Using software …

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