The Benefits of Teams as a Service

In the current IT market, the abundance of technologies and services has never been higher. As business needs grow, so does the variety of services available. However, how can you know what is the right choice for you? What distinguishes a provider focused on outsourcing people from one specialized in Teams as a Service? Today, we break down this valuable business model!

What is Teams as a Service (TAAS)?

At Out.Cloud, we provide more than support to businesses across Europe. We assist organizations with Teams as a Service business model. Unlike many cloud consulting companies, which focus on the outsourcing of resources, we provide a service as a team. This means, having at your disposal skilled talent, specialized in the latest technology, with the proper know-how needed to implement an agile way, a DevOps methodology and hand-on experience in Cloud consulting and management.
TAAS can be characterized as a never-ending path for innovation. Within TAAS, businesses gain access to speed and adaptability. With a dedicated team, the constant search for knowledge and experience is no longer necessary as you have at your disposal specialized professionals. Furthermore, a well-balanced team with the right skillset is quicker and more efficient than a team comprised of people who work together for the first time, which is common with most outsourcing companies as their main resource is staff augmentation, not dedicated teams. This translates into you using your time for actual management, driving innovation and improvements, and not lagging behind with unproductive issues.

All About Collaboration

In today’s business environment to achieve greater efficiency, organizations must set goals that focus on collaboration and the TAAS model is the perfect approach. Instead of businesses having to hire individuals directly, which involves dealing with the entire hiring process, or depend on an outsourcing provider assembling a team, which takes time. At Out.Cloud, we have in place a team that streamlines this with no human resources involvement needed. This process allows us to swiftly focus on your project. With TAAS, efficiency is the top priority. Equally important, TAAS erases your concern for the development environment, project management, and server issues, among many others. This allows your in-house staff efforts to be concentrated on the business, its primary and immediate necessities.
The strength of the Teams as a Service model resides on its difference when compared to a common outsourcing plan in which the provider presents its services, while a TAAS team creates the model that best fits you. From best-practices to execution and management, among others, TAAS can be the turning point for your business.

The Appeal of TAAS

Outstanding professionals are rare and great teams are rarer, so establishing a dream team takes time and in most cases, there are frequent time-delaying stages, such as team members who go through different stages of development before being able to join the group and work at full-speed. As expected, everything must happen promptly. However, the appeal of a teams as a service is its speed and already combined knowledge. Having at your disposal a collection of minds on the go with the skills and know-how you seek isn’t just a great team, it’s a super team.
There is no denying that having a “ready-made” high-performance team, tested in delivering results, is extremely advantageous. In other words, teams that will get you out of a bind, solve it, and provide you with internal rewards are a match made in heaven!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Out.Cloud’s team of expert engineers can provide you with the tools and support for all your cloud solutions, from Cloud Native and Cloud Management to DevOps as a service and much more!


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