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Out.Cloud is a leading edge technology company from Lisbon, Portugal. We make Cloud, DevOps and Agile adoption fast, secure and simple. Out.Cloud is a spinoff of Findmore Consulting - a group with a total headcount of 500 engineers and a turnover of 30 million euros/year. Our solutions enable enterprises to embrace innovation by providing the expertise and support they need.

The Dream Team

Meet the people that make it happen

Head of Cloud

Nelson Ratinho

Head of DevOps

Pedro Fragoso

Lead DevOps Engineer

Marco Campos


Rui Machado

DevOps Engineer

Diogo Quaresma

"Our services enable our clients to focus on what they do best, running their business without the concern of failing systems."

Nelson Ratinho, Head of Cloud

Our expertise



Certified Team

208 +


Frequent Deployments

106 +


Lead time from Commit

2604 +


Time to recover from incidents

Our way of working


Infrastructure is created and designed using code accessible and reusable such as that the creation of multiple environments with the same type of resources are made easy and simple.


We break the barriers between development and operational teams keeping infrastructure code close together with the application.


Alterations on the current infrastructure are made by changing parameters, applying and deploying it on the code base.


The majority of the infrastructure code is reusable in different platforms, allowing for example, to change Cloud provider with ease.

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