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Building and running applications by exploiting the effectiveness and advantages of cloud computing.

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Native Development Centered

Developing an application that will run natively on the Cloud has different aspects that need to be considered when taking the native path. Managed components, integrations, and cost optimizations are factors that need to be well architected and where an experienced cloud engineer is a valuable asset.

Seamless Automation

Edge applications rely on impeccable automation to be able to perform at the fast and high standards it's expected from them. This can only be accomplished when all the components are glued together with automation. Being it for deployment, life, or scale cycles, automation is a key process when well performed.


Going serverless in the next step in building and running modern applications. Developers are freed from investing time and effort in configuring and managing the cloud resources. This speeds up development and release cycles, allowing for improved scaling.


Cloud native applications leverage the built-in multi-site support provided allowing for parallel deployment and operation in multiple geographical regions and data centers increasing resilience and availability.E

Why it is important

Cloud native development provides computing power on-demand, along with modern data and applications. Through the scalable and flexible nature of the cloud, businesses gain greater agility while taking advantage of continuous and rapid improvement focused on maximizing value. With Cloud native development, we approach building and running applications that exploit the advantages of the cloud. The application is architected to be loosely coupled as microservices allowing for flexibility, embracing the concept of immutable infrastructure.

  • 1

    Faster release pace

  • 2

    Hyper-agile applications

  • 3

    Stronger & more reliable systems

  • 4

    Failure risks minimized automatically


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